This is an emergency

This is an emergency. Is there a leader in our Country who would do whatever it takes to stop our sister in Pennsylvania from being used by these accounting fraudsters in Virginia? She doesn't even know what this deed she signed means: http://www.book8307page1446deed.com 

The accounting fraudsters signature cover is to divide, destabilize, and disempower, the family they victimize. It is similar to the White Nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia, today, August 12, 2017, dividing, destablizing, and disempowering our Democracy. The fraudsters use a trusting family member [Jean Nader] to unwittingly carry it out so the destruction appears to come from the family. What is wrong with those who have turned a blind eye to this for 24 years and allowed our family to be destroyed?

Sister being used: Jean Nader, 444 Summit Street, New Kensington, PA 15068  (724) 337-7537) 
Her daughter, Amy Johnson: 1401 West View Drive, New Kensington, PA 15068, natron36@hotmail.com, acalkins10@aol.com

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Chief Judge Smith's Order of January 25, 2013, is against the law. First, it skips over exposing the accounting at www.book467page191money.com . I don't believe Chief Judge Smith will ever allow this accounting to be exposed. I tried for 24 years.

Facebook posting, August 9, 2017:

"Inequality before the law. Why do Virginia's leaders protect this accounting fraud instead of the public? Virginia deserves better. The public has no chance against this accounting fraud. Try to find out where the money went in our Mother's and Dad's estates and see what happens.

Please compare two contrasting documents for our family's 15 acres in Fairfax County. Please compare the 1992 Deed at bk8307p1446 that says "Anthony O'Connell, Trustee", is the owner in fee simple, with the Notice of Petition dated June 14, 2017. Which is the rule of law? Which covers up accounting? Which do Virginia's leaders choose to support?

How's this for a setup? On August  8, 2017, I find the Notice of Petition from the Fairfax County Court in my carport in Arizona with a past deadline date.  No envelope, no note, no send or received dates. Nothing but the Notice of Petition.  A book marker is holding it open at a particular page as if someone had been reading it. 

History suggests that whoever set this up took photos of it, to make it appear that I had been reading it and had had it all along, before the deadline date, so I would appear responsible for missing the deadline date. You can't make this stuff up.

McGuireWoods LLP prepared the 1992 Deed that has been in the Court records at bk8307p1446 since October 23, 1992. Why do Chief Judge Dennis J .Smith and the B&K law firm ignore this Deed? The consequences are enormous. Does McGuireWoods LLP not guarantee that a Deed they prepare will be recognized by the Court where the Deed is recorded? Why the 24 years of silence? Why do Chief Judge Smith and McGuireWoods LLP never take an accountable position on this Deed?

Edwin W. Lynch, Jr., a licensed real estate broker in Fairfax County, Virginia, pretends to not know that this Deed exists, and had our bamboozled sister in Pennsylvania sign a sales contract with him for the property this Deed describes. Where did the money go?


Facebook posting, August 11, 2017:

"This accounting fraud in Virginia is protected. The public should know how it works. Virginia has made me their enemy for my trying to expose the accounting for our Mother's estate. It's ugly. It's shameful. It makes a mockery of the rule of law.

They can blatantly ignore your Deed and take your land.  The 1992 Deed at bk8307p1446 that says "Anthony Miner O'Connell, Trustee" is the owner in fee simple of 15 acres in Fairfax County, Virginia, has been ignored for 24 years. The consequences have been enormous. Try to find one Virginia leader who will recognize this Deed or say why it should not be recognized. 

Edwin W. Lynch, Jr., a licensed real estate broker in Fairfax County, pretends to not know that this Deed exists, and has our bamboozled sister in Pennsylvania sign a sales contract with him for the property this Deed describes.

The only way to find out how much money they stole is to follow the trails. The trails are true whether you believe them or not.